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You once had a successful life

You found something weird, something hidden, or maybe just something lost or forgotten. You found the City Beneath. And your whole life suddenly changed.

You lost your grip on the world

People started to forget you. Even your closest friends didn’t recognize you. You faded away from life as if you had never existed. Your clothes are dirty and you reek of rotten flowers. You sleep under bridges and you beg for a living. 

But you discovered a kingdom beneath the surface

The City Beneath is where urban legends come from. Everything you’ve ever heard that’s weird, strange, or mysterious is real there. It’s always dark and everything is always unexpected. There are wonders and horrors, and all the things that have been forgotten, lost or worn out.

... and you became a Sewer Knight of the Underground TableThere are only eleven of you, and you are looking for your next queen, the twelfth and final knight. If you don’t find her before the Red Moon, both Cities Above and Beneath will fall.

Legends of the Underground Table is an tribute to Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. You'll need a game-master, 3-5 Sewer Knights and three 10-sided dice per player.

Trigger warnings : homelessness, madness, darkness


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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This is a beautiful game, both layout-wise and in what it offers to players: not exactly Gaiman's Neverwhere but quite close, with enough differences to make it a distinct entity. The game system is simple and elegant and promises many wonderful tales of dark exploration!


And now I want to rediscover Neverwhere, 20 years later ... In a few words, the Tone & Theme of the game is brilliantly set. Don't know if the system will hold many games, but the distinction about the City Above/Beneath is great, the advice on how to portray them suit my memories of Neverwhere, and I really love the main idea for the characters : Knights of the Underground Table, looking for their queen. The main scenario is set with this goal.